About The Film

Virginia 2012.

Democratic candidate Tim Kaine and Republican candidate George Allen face a tight race for the state's U.S. Senate seat. Virginia increasingly divides about its political views, and as Kaine and Allen battle it out, an untraditional contender begins to gain momentum in the race: Hank the cat, from Springfield, Virginia.

Hank's candidacy began as satire, when two cat dads became jaded by politics. Little did the dads know that Hank's campaign for the Virginia U.S. Senate seat would become a serious endeavor, taking Virginia, the country, and the world by storm.

Wild About Hank tells the bizarre, humorous and emotional story of Hank's campaign and supporters. With Hank's eloquence, humble history, and Maine Coon class, Hank's positive campaign turned thousands of disgruntled voters into energized patriots as he represented what politics could be: uniting, philanthropic, and sincere. Wild About Hank honors Hank's inspiring legacy and questions the state of politics. Have politics become so feral that citizens would rather vote for a cat...than a human?

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