About Hank


Hank was an 11 year old Maine Coon cat who was rescued from the streets as a young kitten, with his mother and five siblings, only to face execution by a shelter. Animal Allies rescued him along with his family and placed them in foster homes. Once Hank's brother was adopted, Hank's foster parents decided to keep him.

Hank ran for the US Senate seat in Virginia against Tim Kaine and George Allen, and subsequently came in third. Hank was an independent who believed in raising money for animal rescue groups, along with removing negativity from politics.

Hank became an overnight sensation, and was able to levarage his celebrity status into helping others. He was featured on TV and in newspaper interviews around the world, and raised over $16,000 for animal rescue groups. His campaign still donates 100% of all campaign contributions directly to animal rescue.

Hank's story still inspires many people today, and his fans continue to stand up for the ideals he believed in.

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