The Director

Emma Kouguell

Emma Kouguell is a documentary filmmaker with a love for storytelling and cats. She has had a number of special kitties in her life, including her childhood cat Rosie, two tuxedos named Sammy and Betty, her furry nieces Mimie and Maggie, and of course the exceptional feline candidate, Hank. Emma has created award-winning films and content for a number of outlets, including Maryland Public Television, WETA Television, the Hillwood Museum, and the National Science Foundation. While in post-production for Wild About Hank, Emma is also collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States and the Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University on a smaller video project, which tells the story of a Rural Vet Clinic at the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. Emma is an adjunct instructor and MFA Film candidate at American University.

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